Published: Jeu, Novembre 09, 2017
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New Information: Texas Gunman Escaped Mental Institution in 2012

New Information: Texas Gunman Escaped Mental Institution in 2012

The man accused of shooting and killing 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday escaped from a behavioral center in 2012, threatened his military superiors and tried to sneak weapons onto the Air Force base he lived on, according to reports from the El Paso Police Department that were uncovered by two local news outlets.

The report also disclosed that police who were alerted to Devin Kelley's escape were advised that he posed a "danger to himself and others" after being "caught sneaking firearms" onto the U.S. Air Force base in New Mexico where he was stationed.

Ivey says he attempted to contact Kelley hours before the Sunday shooting after seeing a troubling Facebook post on Kelley's page that said "he wasn't thinking correctly and his head hurt". Kelley reportedly purchased four firearms in the past three years.

Officials on Tuesday praised the Good Samaritan neighbor, Stephen Willeford, who shot Kelley in the leg and the torso outside the church and pursued him out of town, calling him a "hero".

However, the USAF indicated that it failed to report Kelley's conviction, so it did not show up in a federal background check.

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The man had been court-martial-ed for assaulting his first wife and stepson while serving in the force in 2012.

Questions immediately arose-how did Kelley pass a background check, considering the fact that he had a domestic violence charge?

The lapse has triggered an investigation by the air force and defence department. Deputies were called to the same house in February 2014 to investigate a domestic violence report involving Kelley and Danielle Shields, his girlfriend at the time, whom he married two months later.

Representative Mac Thornberry of Texas said in a statement that the air force should not be left to self-police after the incident, reported Reuters.

Investigators believe Kelley acted alone in the church attack and was not motivated by any political or religious agenda, but perhaps by a domestic argument Kelley had with his mother-in-law, who is a member of the church's congregation but who was not in attendance during the attack.

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