Published: Dim, Novembre 12, 2017
Globale | By Boniface Saint-Yves

Atkins: Democrats hope to ride momentum to midterms

Atkins: Democrats hope to ride momentum to midterms

Control of the chamber is still up in the air as a couple of close races have yet to be called - an outcome few but the most optimistic Democrats were expecting.

His Lt. Governor, Guadagno, never had a prayer - and she wasn't endorsed by Trump, who knew it.

John Adams, meet Virginia.

Republicans are being admonished to drop the monuments-and-memorials issue and respect why NFL players might want to "take a knee" during the national anthem. Even if the GOP wins back every retiree's seat, I expect their dysfunction to get worse.

Consider the following chart, which shows the losses during the terms of each two-term president (or pair of same-party presidents) since World War II.

"But to be sure, there is no doubt the dynamic is going to change dramatically this January", Toscano said. Murphy appears somewhat of a complete opposite of incumbent Christie what with his interest and willingness to raise taxes on the state's wealthy, support of gun control, and embrace of unions. Republicans went into Tuesday with a veto-proof margin of 32 seats. Are we seeing some suburban areas realign into the Democratic camp the way the once-Democratic coalfields are now firmly Republican?

Data and history suggest Barro and Bonier are badly mistaken.

To them, that kind of success proves Democrats are in for a big year in 2018.

Northam's victory set off overnight recriminations and finger-pointing among Trump's hardcore supporters. President Barack Obama carried the state over Mitt Romney by nearly 7 points.

And Virginia voters elected the state's first openly-transgender state representative, among more than a dozen state legislative pickups for Democrats. There weren't enough Trump voters for Gillespie to win, but there were a lot - and there will be enough to allow some Republicans who run similar campaigns to win elsewhere next year.

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Despite the Democratic nominee's pitch to white women, 51 percent went for Gillespie. Democrats won at politics. They didn't win because Republicans ran poorly, either.

A serious repudiation of Donald Trump?

Davis, when he was in Congress, chaired the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.

Maybe all of that slipped Democrats' minds as well.

On Tuesday, we saw what's possible when we commit to competing everywhere. Davis concludes by saying that the Republican Party is now in a "depressed state". Republican legislators looked on him with disdain as a Washington insider who was an outsider in Richmond. Indeed, many of America's most grotesquely gerrymandered districts use this trick. In fact, it is made even tougher because the districts are right-leaning by design due to gerrymandering that Republican-controlled statehouses carried out after the 2010 census.

Republicans played this game in Northern Virginia, too, though perhaps not quite as well as they could have. They then parceled out remaining Democrats in Republican-friendly districts. Several seats have opened in Texas, including the blue 16th Congressional District, won by Democrat Beto O'Rourke in 2016.

Virginia proved that angry voters would just not march but, much more important, they would vote. Although the next redistricting process will not occur for another four years, what happened in elections throughout the country this week will have a significant impact.

It certainly wasn't on Tuesday.

"If anything, this just puts more pressure on making sure we follow through", House Speaker Paul Ryan said at an event hosted by the Washington Examiner. Except that those opponents actually outspend Dominion in the aggregate.

Republicans in North Carolina won't admit it, but they seem to sense that their days of almost unlimited power with their legislative supermajorities are almost over.

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