Published: Jeu, Juillet 06, 2017
Médecine | By Sylviane Desjardins

Pro-Maduro groups burst into Venezuela congress: witnesses

Pro-Maduro groups burst into Venezuela congress: witnesses

Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America, sharing a border with Colombia, Brazil and Guyana.

The attackers ordered journalists to stop filming and taking photographs and leave the premises.

1821 - The Spanish Army is defeated. Sixty people are killed during the turmoil. But Perez said in the video that the strike produced no casualties because he had taken care to avoid them.

December 2, 2002 - A general strike begins. Venezuelans are the top asylum seekers in the United States.

Protesters across the oil-rich South American nation of 30 million set up road blockades "against the dictatorship" yesterday afternoon.

No one at the Supreme Court was injured and military forces did nothing to intervene - even though Perez was flying in plain sight.

Neither of the buildings he attacked suffered damage. The move prompts speculation about who will succeed Chavez. Vice President Nicolás Maduro becomes the interim president.

Officials have leveled a plethora of accusations against the a 59-year-old lawyer, from "insanity" and encouraging "terrorists" to misusing a confiscated plane. Afterward, he spent several days in hiding in El Ávila, the highest mountain in Caracas, which is also a national park.

Former Venezuelan foreign minister Samuel Moncada angrily noted that "in Europe we have still not received the first reaction".

Maduro opponents are demanding general elections to end socialist rule and solutions to the OPEC nation's brutal economic crisis.

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March 9, 2015 - President Barack Obama issues an executive order meant to address the human rights crisis in Venezuela, with sanctions against seven individuals.

January 15, 2016 - Maduro declares a state of "economic emergency".

Ortega Diaz argued that the outcome of Tuesday's hearing was a foregone conclusion decided by the government, which violates her legal right to defense and due process.

They injured at least three opposition lawmakers who stumbled bloodied and dazed around the assembly's corridors, witnesses said. "The moment to wake up is now", he says.

"They've frozen my bank account, they've frozen my assets, and they've banned me from leaving the country". The opposition has promised to boycott the vote, which it says is rigged in favor of the ruling Socialist Party.

Venezuela has been the scene of intense anti-government protests for more than two months.

A day later, Perez's helicopter was found in the coastal town of Osma, 85 kilometers (52 miles) from Caracas.

The National Constituent Assembly electoral campaign begins on July 9 and will run until July 27.

Maduro retains the public backing of the military high command - a key factor in keeping him in power, according to analysts.

Perez apparently piloted the stolen police helicopter that sprayed 15 bullets toward the Interior Ministry and dropped at least two grenades over the Supreme Court building. Photos posted online show an occupant holding a banner thatsays, "Article 350 libertad" - referring to an article in the Venezuelan constitution that allows citizens to oppose the government should it subvert democratic principles.

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